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Food and Beverage Industry


Specialized Food, Feed and Agriculture Lawyers

From farm (or lab) to fork, every stage of the production and distribution cycle involves regulations that cut across business strategy. To help you mitigate risks, respond to challenges and seize opportunities, our experienced lawyers combine expertise with practical advice.



Our regulatory department, consisting of three lawyers, two pharmaceutical chemists and a food engineer, provides comprehensive technical and legal advice to ensure the regulatory compliance of our clients' products and their optimal positioning in the marketplace. Our regulatory compliance advice includes the management of product recalls.

We cover a wide range of sectors within the food industry, including

   Fresh and processed foods

   Dietary supplements

   Beverage products

   Food additives.

Our advice is underpinned by long-standing relationships with health authorities and key industry players, enabling us to maintain an ongoing dialogue with regulators, keep abreast of current legislation and actively participate in the formulation and amendment of food regulations. This not only accelerates processes and minimizes post-registration control risks, but also ensures a strategic position for market success.


We facilitate the entry of foreign companies into the Ecuadorian market through the management of sanitary licenses and food product registrations. Our service includes advice on compliance with all local regulations, allowing for effective integration and operation of international investors.

We advise on obtaining and maintaining essential certifications in the food industry, including good manufacturing and storage practices. This ensures compliance with the high quality and safety standards required both locally and internationally.


We assist in drafting and reviewing contracts with suppliers, distributors and other business partners to ensure protection and favorable terms to facilitate effective and secure cooperation, especially for foreign investors.

We also provide advice on international trade (import and export), including tariffs, regulations and trade agreements. We have strategic partners who facilitate the timely clearance of products through customs, which is key for foreign investors seeking efficiency and clarity in their import and export operations.


Meythaler & Zambrano's Intellectual Property Department is instrumental in driving innovation and protecting intellectual creations.

Our team of technology and legal experts transforms our clients' intellectual property into competitive advantage. We specialize in patent management, dispute resolution, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, test data, geographical indications and appellations of origin.

Our strong track record in legal defense, coupled with our ability to handle monitoring and enforcement, sets us apart in the industry.

Our experience allows us to simplify legal complexities and turn them into business opportunities, protecting our clients' most valuable assets so they can focus on differentiating themselves in the marketplace.

We have extensive experience in obtaining evidence-based injunctive relief to protect our clients' intellectual property assets. We are the only law firm to have obtained evidence-based injunctions in Ecuador.


Our legal team provides expert advice to ensure that our clients' actions are in strict compliance with competition and consumer protection regulations. This includes a thorough review of product labeling to ensure accuracy and transparency in the information provided to consumers.

We also provide strategic guidance on food promotion and advertising, ensuring that campaigns comply with applicable laws and regulations. Our goal is to help our clients avoid violations and restrictive practices while promoting a transparent and trustworthy relationship with consumers.


We provide comprehensive legal advice on Sanitary Control and Surveillance Procedures and Sanction Procedures, helping to avoid sanctions, fines and other penalties.


Our food industry dispute resolution practice provides effective and strategic solutions to a wide range of disputes, including administrative claims, arbitrations, mediations, product liability, patent infringement, trade secret protection, and contracts.

Our practice can also include insurance claims management services related to supply chain damage, business interruption or product liability. We also provide preventive advice on drafting contracts and internal policies to reduce the risk of future disputes and litigation.


In today's global marketplace, dealing with international trade and investment issues is inevitable. From trade agreements to customs disputes and border security, we help companies navigate this complex legal environment. Our firm provides expert advice to maximize opportunities and protect interests in Ecuador.


We assist companies in obtaining the necessary permits to operate sustainably in Ecuador. We have extensive experience in obtaining environmental permits and supporting administrative proceedings before the environmental authority.


Dedication. Experience. Passion.

"They demonstrated the success of their strategy, which allowed us to achieve the results we were looking for. They made timely decisions and demonstrated their technical skills and knowledge throughout".
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