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Intellectual property

Fostering Ideas, Protecting Innovation

Ideas propel progress, and at Meythaler & Zambrano, we safeguard and empower them. Our seasoned lawyers bring real-world technology expertise to the table, transforming your intellectual property into a competitive advantage. We simplify complexity, turning legal challenges into business opportunities. Your focus remains on making a difference, while we safeguard and unlock the value of your intellectual property.


Safeguarding valuable inventions within a fiercely competitive global landscape presents formidable challenges. Clients choose us for our profound technical expertise, extensive experience, and a track record of relentlessly pursuing and prevailing in cases. Whether it's about enforcing your patents or mounting a robust defense against infringement claims, we are here to provide assistance and deliver results.

Our deep expertise in patent law, simplified technology explanations, and a strong track record in negotiations make us the right partner for your patent enforcement needs. We also excel in appellate cases and handle patent reviews. Whether in life sciences or technology, we're here to secure the best outcomes for your patents.


Guiding you to establish and fortify your brand presence worldwide.

In today's interconnected global marketplace, anticipating the next intellectual property (IP) challenge can be elusive. Our strategic and forward-thinking trademark portfolio management ensures the protection of your most valuable assets, preserving your competitive advantage. Count on us to safeguard your trademarks, designs, and copyrights wherever your business takes you.

We excel in trademark and copyright litigation for a diverse clientele, from startups to global leaders. Our experienced trial lawyers offer comprehensive support in trademark and copyright litigation, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant.

Our goal is to proactively reduce litigation, create sound litigation strategies and protect your brand worldwide.


Securing Your Competitive Advantage

Our Trade Secrets team specializes in crafting and executing robust strategies to safeguard your trade secrets. We conduct thorough investigations and handle litigation across various industries. With a global network of highly experienced lawyers boasting a proven track record of success, we offer a comprehensive approach to resolving even the most intricate trade secret challenges.

We handle trade secret mishandling and improper contact cases, which are increasingly common in today's digital business world. Our experienced team resolves high-stakes litigation for plaintiffs and defendants in various forums, including administrative actions. We collaborate across practices to manage trade secret issues seamlessly, aligning with your objectives in scenarios involving data privacy, employee transitions, or multi-faceted intellectual property cases.


We are experts in plant variety rights registration in Ecuador. We assist in protecting the industrial rights of those who develop new, more productive, or better-adapted plant varieties. Our services include advisory, registration application, and viability analysis.


Implementation of measures to prevent and address infringements of intellectual property rights.


We offer services for the protection of test data, advising research companies to safeguard this information in the development of new products. Our work includes rights management and legal strategies to prevent the unfair use of this data, protecting investments in R&D and market competitiveness.

We have extensive experience in obtaining precautionary measures based on test data to safeguard the intellectual property assets of our clients. We are the only legal firm that has obtained precautionary measures supported by test data in Ecuador.


We offer highly specialized legal representation in cases of potential intellectual property rights violations. Our engagement encompasses a wide range of legal actions, including administrative, civil and criminal actions.

We specialize in cases involving patents, trade secrets, test data, trademarks, copyrights and designs. Our strength lies in the strategic and efficient management of complex litigation. From inception to appeal, our highly skilled team and collaborative culture ensure full support to our clients.


Our Expertise in Regulated Advertising

We specialize in assisting top brands with regulated advertising, particularly in industries like pharmaceuticals. From strategy to execution, we offer comprehensive support in navigating the complex legal landscape of advertising for regulated products.

Clients rely on our ability to address legal challenges and implement practical risk mitigation strategies. We provide market-leading advice on various aspects of advertising for regulated products, ensuring compliance and success in campaigns. We also handle disputes and regulatory matters in these highly regulated industries.


Dedication. Experience. Passion.

Meet the IP team

Meythaler & Zambrano possesses an esteemed IP practice group that provides a range of IP services to clients from the pharmaceutical industry on their patent portfolios. The intellectual property team has experience advising on patent applications, compulsory licensing, and infringement and nullity actions. Meythaler & Zambrano has additional expertise in assisting with contentious trade mark and copyright mandates.

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