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New Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data in Judicial Proceedings

By Atty. Denisse Unda

Head of Compliance and Personal Data Protection Department


The Council of the Judiciary of Ecuador has taken a step forward in the defense of privacy and individual rights with the enactment of Resolution 043-2024, dated February 27, 2024. This pioneering regulation aims to regulate the processing of personal data within the framework of judicial processes executed through the Ecuadorian Automatic Judicial Procedure System (SATJE), marking the beginning of a new era in the protection of personal data within the Ecuadorian judicial system.

Purpose and Scope:

This regulation focuses on safeguarding privacy and protecting the personal data of individuals involved in legal proceedings. Recognizing the importance and sensitivity of this information, specific mechanisms have been implemented to ensure its proper handling and protection.

Management and Concealment of Personal Data

The regulation establishes clear definitions of what is considered personal data in the judicial context, in addition to responsibilities and detailed procedures for addressing requests for modification, rectification, or concealment of personal data, paying special attention to sensitive data and ensuring its special treatment to prevent discrimination or infringement of fundamental rights.

Procedure for Data Protection

It details the procedure to follow for the request of modification, rectification, or concealment of personal data in judicial processes, offering a clear mechanism for those seeking to preserve their privacy and dignity throughout these processes.

Considerations to the Principle of Publicity

Although the regulation represents a significant advance, concerns regarding the balance between the protection of privacy and the principle of publicity, crucial for transparency and trust in the judicial system, are addressed.


The implementation of the Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data in Judicial Processes is an important milestone for Ecuador, establishing solid foundations for the fair and equitable treatment of personal information within the legal sphere. If you are looking for more information or need legal advice on how this new regulation could affect you, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with the guidance and support you need to navigate this new era of Ecuadorian justice.

Modificación Datos Personales Procesos Legales


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Legal disclaimer

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