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Appointment of the First Superintendent of Personal Data Protection

By Ab. Denisse Unda


Ecuador's Civic Participation and Social Control Council has appointed Fabrizio Roberto Peralta Díaz as the new Data Protection Commissioner. This important appointment underscores Ecuador's commitment to privacy and information security.

Profile of Fabrizio Roberto Peralta Díaz

With an outstanding education in Law from the Catholic University of Guayaquil and a Masters in Computer Science and Law from the Complutense University of Madrid, Fabrizio Peralta has positioned himself as a leader in the field of privacy and technology law. His career includes roles such as partner at Consulegis Lawyers, arbitrator at the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Quito, and university professor, and he has extensive experience and knowledge in the sector.

Work plan and objectives

As Superintendent, Peralta will focus on

  • Education and awareness of privacy rights.

  • Encourage regulatory compliance to ensure compliance with data protection laws.

  • Conduct random inspections and strengthen international cooperation.

  • Ensure access rights and protection to empower citizens to manage their personal data.

  • Valuing privacy as a fundamental pillar of the digital environment.

Commitments and expectations for the future

Fabrizio Peralta reiterated his commitment to work closely with privacy and technology law experts to address the challenges of the digital age. His experience and knowledge of technology law and data protection will be crucial in establishing the solid foundations, governance and leadership needed for this new entity.

Significant advances in the protection of personal data in our country are expected. The community hopes that his leadership will contribute to a safer and more reliable environment for privacy and personal information management.

Moreover, his focus on awareness and education about the importance of data protection is expected to ultimately create a deeply rooted culture of data protection in the country.

The promotion and priority given to awareness by Fabrizio Peralta reflects his commitment to creating an informed and privacy-aware society in the digital environment, which will undoubtedly be a fundamental step towards the effective protection of the personal data of all citizens.

Next steps

Once the appointment of Mr. Fabrizio Roberto Peralta Díaz as the head of the new DPA is formalized, immediate steps will be taken to notify the National Assembly to proceed with the appropriate ownership process.

We recognize the challenges of securing the necessary resources for the effective implementation of his work plan, including the national budget and the necessary institutional support.

From our position, we support and commit to working with the Data Protection Agency, under the leadership of Fabrizio Peralta, to promote a culture of respect and protection of privacy in our society.

Data Protection Superintendent


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Legal disclaimer

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