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Meythaler & Zambrano at the Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA)

Dear Clients and Friends,

This May, the city of Atlanta will not only become the epicenter of intellectual property by hosting the Annual Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA) from May 18-22, 2024, but it will also be the meeting place for more than 10,000 global professionals.

Meythaler & Zambrano, a leader in intellectual property and information technology law in Ecuador, is proud to announce the participation of María Belén Rivera in this global event.

Experience and Leadership in Intellectual Property

In addition to representing Meythaler & Zambrano at the event, María Belén Rivera, who heads the firm's Intellectual Property Litigation Practice, will share her extensive experience and specialization in trademark law. With an impressive track record in complex litigation, Belén is an authoritative voice on emerging trends and advanced strategies in intellectual property protection.

Connecting with the global trademark community

Under the theme "The Business of Innovation," INTA 2024 will offer attendees the opportunity to discuss how creativity, change and technology are transforming IP practices. María Belén will participate in panel discussions and networking sessions, highlighting her renowned ability for legal innovation and commitment to defending intellectual property rights.

Opportunities to collaborate and learn

We invite our clients, partners and colleagues to join María Belén to explore opportunities to collaborate and discuss how the latest trends and developments can impact and benefit their businesses. This meeting is an exceptional opportunity for our clients to deepen their understanding of current trademark issues and strengthen their intellectual property protection strategies.

Schedule a meeting with María Belén at INTA 2024

To guarantee a personal meeting with María Belén during INTA, please make an appointment through our link: Reserve your place here:

Take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from her extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of intellectual property and trademark


Meythaler & Zambrano is committed to staying at the forefront of intellectual property law, providing innovative and effective solutions to protect intellectual property rights in a globalized world. By participating in world-class events such as INTA 2024, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence and innovation in the legal field.


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Legal disclaimer

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