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We are aware that the proper use of information has never been more vital. That is why we offer a wide range of advisory services to help you comply with the legal requirements regarding the protection and security of personal data that your company uses from its various stakeholders, as well as to develop a data management governance strategy.


Legal Advice and Compliance Services
  • Our team excels in delivering specialized data protection legal advice. We analyze your unique needs, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

  • Staying abreast of the latest privacy law updates, we guide you through the complexities of data protection, ensuring your business remains compliant and informed.

Gap and Risk Assessment Audits
  • We conduct thorough data protection audits to evaluate your compliance levels, identifying gaps and potential risks. Our audits are designed to establish robust corrective and preventive measures, fortifying your data protection strategies.

  • Additionally, we provide comprehensive data protection training, equipping your staff with the knowledge to manage and protect personal data effectively.

Legal Support for Data Protection
  • In instances of data requests, complaints, or data protection legal issues, our department offers unmatched support.

  • We assist in managing information security breaches, ensuring timely notification to authorities and compliance with legal obligations.

  • Our expertise extends to managing administrative processes and responding to client inquiries about data usage.

Risk Identification and Compliance Analysis
  • Our team performs in-depth legal risk analysis related to personal data processing.

  • We evaluate your internal processes and privacy policies, ensuring they align with current data protection laws. This analysis helps in adapting your operations to the evolving data protection landscape.

Development of Privacy Policies and Legal Documentation
  • We specialize in creating customized privacy policies and legal documents that cater to your specific business needs.

  • Our services include drafting and reviewing data protection contracts and clauses, ensuring the highest level of personal data security.

Data Protection Training and Awareness
  • Recognizing the importance of awareness, we offer specialized data protection training sessions. These workshops aim to instill best practices in data handling, enhancing your team's understanding of data security and compliance.

Incident Management and Response to Security Breaches
  • Our department provides immediate assistance in the event of security breaches or data incidents. We assess the legal impact and guide you through the necessary steps to comply with incident notification and management obligations.


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