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Webinar: Artificial Intelligence applied to Medical Devices


How much do you know about Artificial Intelligence applied to Medical Devices?

We invite you to #MujeresLATAM, a webinar where our partner Karina Loza and other experts in sanitary regulation, compliance, and intellectual property issues talk about the needs of this market in Latin America.

Inteligencia Artificial aplicada a Dispositivos Médicos

Conoce más sobre nuestras áreas de especialización aquí.


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Legal disclaimer

The content of this blog is provided for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Regulations in Ecuador are subject to changes and updates that may affect the applicability and accuracy of the content published here. We do not guarantee that the information presented is accurate, complete or current at the time of reading. Therefore, past postings should not be construed as necessarily reflecting current regulations. We strongly recommend that you consult with our qualified attorneys for specific and personalized advice.

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