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Reduced Eco Delta and Touristic Power airline fees for lower airfare prices

Por: Gabriel Pinto


In order to reduce international airfare costs and contribute to the reactivation of air connectivity, the Ministry of Tourism has defined a reduction in the Eco Delta (ED) and Touristic Power (PT) fees through ministerial agreement. The reduction will be applicable starting from June 1, 2023 and seeks to strengthen the country's air competitiveness.

  • What is the Eco Delta Fee? It is a fee that applies to Ecuadorians traveling abroad. As a result of the ministerial agreement, the fee will go from representing a fixed value of USD 50 to being 5% of the ticket cost, with a maximum of USD 50.

  • What is the Touristic Power Fee? This Touristic Power fee applies to foreigners traveling to Ecuador, and its value will go from a fixed USD 10 to being 5% of the net fare of the air transport service, with a maximum of USD 10.

NOTE: These reductions DO NOT apply to charter flights, whose Eco Delta fee will remain at $60 in accordance with current regulations. Charter flights are private flights reserved for a specific group of people, instead of flying with a commercial airline.

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Source: Ministerial Agreement No. 202-004 of the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador.


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