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Our partner José Meythaler receives prestigious recognition in Who's Who Legal: Life Sciences

We are pleased to announce that our partner José Meythaler has been recognized for the fourth consecutive time in the prestigious Who's Who Legal: Life Sciences 2023. This remarkable achievement serves as a clear testament to José Meythaler's exceptional expertise and significant contributions in the fields of life sciences and intellectual property protection in Ecuador.

Being the only Ecuadorian law firm recognized in the WWL ranking for "Patent Litigation" is a momentous distinction that highlights our unparalleled position in the legal landscape. This recognition further solidifies our position as a trusted leader in the #lifesciences industry, with a proven track record of excellence.

About José Meythaler: José R. Meythaler has over 30 years of experience providing legal advice and defense to the most renowned pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies. His vast experience has made him a national reference in patent law and one of the most experienced patent litigators in Latin America.

He has defended several companies' patents against compulsory licensing requests and has achieved significant advancements in patent grants before administrative authorities and competent judges. Additionally, he has actively participated in regulatory affairs and market access for pharmaceutical products, including research in biotechnology and agrochemicals. More recently, he promoted the implementation of data protection laws for new pharmaceutical and agrochemical products in Ecuador.

His expertise includes defending the pharmaceutical and agrochemical market against unfair trade and unfair practices; specific issues regarding taxes on foreign trade of pharmaceutical products and medical devices; and other industry-related matters, such as contract drafting, personal data protection, drug pricing, compliance, and data protection.


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