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José Meythaler considered a Global Leader in Patent Litigation -Life Science 2023 for the 4th time

For the third time in a row, Who's Who egal ranks our partner José Meythaler as Global Leader in Patent Litigation - Life Science.


About Who's Who Legal (WWL)

Who's Who Legal (WWL) is one of the world's leading directories of legal professionals.

The standard required for inclusion in their directories is high. Typically, less than half of those nominated for inclusion are selected for the final list, and sometimes this proportion is considerably lower. Nominees must continue to receive robust and regular feedback to maintain their inclusion on the list, and each practitioner's list is reviewed annually as part of the vetting process.

Their service is designed to reduce the short-term costs of finding a lawyer or expert, but more importantly to minimize the transactional expense and the risk of receiving bad advice.

About the criteria

Anyone to be considered in one of our guides should meet the appropriate broad definition below:
Global practice area guide: You should reasonably be considered an international leader in your field. Our founding partner, Dr. José Meythaler, belongs to this section.
National guide: You should reasonably be considered a national or regional leader in your field.
Future Leaders guide: You should reasonably be considered a future leader in your field. In addition, you must be aged 45 or under on 31 December in the year of the publication (e.g. for WWL: Arbitration - Future Leaders 2020, you must have been born on or after 1 January 1975).
Thought Leaders guides and WWL annual awards: Thought Leaders and annual award winners are selected based on existing research. It is not possible to submit directly for consideration or inclusion. You should instead submit for the appropriate global or national guide.

About the Research Process

WWL researches 35 individual practice area guides covering corporate and commercial law. In total, it has more than 27,000 private practice lawyers and more than 2,000 consulting experts from more than 160 jurisdictions.

WWL's vetting process is based on the recommendations and comments of eminent private practitioners in the sector or industry in question, as well as corporate counsel or other clients who have worked closely with the nominees.

Unlike Chambers or Legal 500, WWL does not solicit or accept written submissions of outstanding work as part of the process. Its rigorous and independent vetting process recognizes only those that receive the highest number of recommendations from peers and clients.

For an existing practice area, his research builds on that conducted in previous years. The names of practitioners who have received recommendations, nominations, or other positive comments in the area in previous years are collated to form a preliminary list of nominations. This list is supplemented by suggestions of potential new hires made by firms, corporate counsel, and through other previous research conducted by WWL's research team.

The preliminary nomination list is distributed to all nominated professionals, soliciting their comments through an online or written survey and inviting them to submit client data supporting their inclusion. All comments received are taken into account when deciding on inclusion on the list.

Subsequently, telephone and face-to-face interviews are conducted with a selection of nominated professionals to obtain more information about the market and gather additional feedback on the preliminary nomination list. At this stage, reference clients are also contacted, inviting them to evaluate the reference professional and anyone else on whom they wish to provide feedback.

Once this process is completed, all comments, votes, and nominations received are tallied and weighted in the database.

The preliminary list of nominations is then refined to produce a final list of professionals who, by general agreement, are considered to be the most outstanding names in their field.

About our Litigation and Life Science Department

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